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PPC  Interview Questions

  • What is CTR?
  • What is Keywords quality score?
  • What is Cost Per Conversion ?
  • What is Negative Keywords?
  • What Auction Insights reports?
  • What is “Search Terms”?
  • Keywords Match Types in Google Ads? 
  • What is Search Ads ?
  • Ads Copy Type in Google search ads ?
  • What is Generic, Brand Only, Competitor & DSA Ads Campaign?
  • What is CPC, Max CPC, AVG CPC ?
  • How to increase CTR ?
  • How to increase Keywords Quality Score ?
  • Conversion Tracking in Google Ads ?
  • Where do we install google ads conversion tracking codes?
  • What is First Click, Last Click & data-driven attribution model ?
  • What is audience manager in google ads ?
  • What is shared library in google ads ?
  • Bidding strategies in google ads ?
  • What is DKI Ads ?
  • What is CPA Cost? $100 / 5 = $20 CPA
  • Keywords Quality Score? 
  • keywords grouping, keywords in the ads copy, keywords on the landing page.
  • CTR down, cpc cost up, all over budget increased, traffic down, conversions down, CPA cost up
  • What is Audience Manager? 
  • What is Re-Marketing List ? 
  • Conversion Tracking Types in google ads ? website conversion tracking, app tracking, phone calls, 3rd party apps.


  • Call Only Ads ? Phone Number, Final URL, Verification URL, Headlines, Descriptions.
  • Tracking Tags? Before closing the head tag.
  • Merchant Center Account? google shopping ads, google shopping free listing.
  • Shared Budget in google ads?
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